Mark Hannan has improved many business pursuits

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C Mark Hannan grew up in a rural village in the Mid-West. This meant he learned the value of hard work, even from a very young age. This was important to his development as a businessman, of course. Hannan worked as a roughneck on an oil and gas drilling rig in order to pay for his own college—which taught him how important his education really was.

In his career, C Mark Hannan has always sought to improve upon his own repertoire of business skills, including the study of organizational learning, transformation, and organizational effectiveness. He is a student of the policies of globally-recognized business experts like John Kotter, who is a Professor Emeritus of the Business School at Harvard University.

Usually, attempts at organizational change are a failure in businesses because they are not paired with organizational learning. This is a lesson that C Mark Hannan has learned from and utilized in his every day life. By developing and executing the plan for strategic human capital and business processes, C Mark Hannan has improved many business pursuits that he has been involved in. C Mark Hannan is a very capable businessman who has an interest, and specialty, in business organization. One can expect to hear more from C Mark Hannan in the near future.

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